Better late than never

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Well, only one week in and I missed my first self-imposed blog deadline. Not surprising really as I often don’t write things down. I just assume I’ll remember. Or I put it somewhere I intend to check but then forget that too. But in the grand scheme of things, it’s not a disaster. Far from it. It’s just one more lesson.

I have to be vigilant at times. My uber-procrastination habit will convince me that I’ll do a better job when I feel more energetic. But that leads to the inevitable delay. Like now, I don’t feel I’ve got a lot to say right now and maybe I should stop writing…

Nah! Not every blog will perfect and not every day will be the sunshine and blue skies. Someday you just have to turn up your collar and lower your head and walk into the driving rain. There is a power in keeping a commitment to yourself no matter how small. Because if I can’t keep one for myself how can I keep them for anyone else?

There are few certainties in life (death and taxes) but I’m pretty certain that I’ll keep learning and explore. It is the expression of that inner learning playful creature that shines back at you from anyone who is following this passion. And yes sometimes the flame dwindles. But like any fire that is when it requires your attention most to fan the embers back to life.

And here is the beauty of it. It doesn’t matter if it’s only a few twigs you add, a few paragraphs or ideas to the story, the thumbnail sketch or the new ingredient. It is taking you in the direction of your passion and goal. Today it might be a small shuffling tired or timid step but tomorrow it might be a leap.

More and more I’m discovering that there is no pace to one’s inner journey. Sometimes we fly, sometimes we hop and skip, sometimes we pause to admire the view.  Sometimes we crawl on hands and knees. So what. Change changes things. Fast or slow. Nothing remains the same forever.

It metaphorically smacked me in the face one day when I, or maybe someone else said “I can’t change. I’ve been like this for years…”. Really? So in the last five or six years (or however long this limitation has been in play) nothing around you has changed? Petrol prices, wages, the cost of bread, the books you read, the movie you watch, the music you listen to, the people you talk to or work with. These things change, and many, many others too.

So in fact, for you to remain where you are, you’ve had to change and adapt to these external changes to remain where you are. You are walking backwards on a treadmill saying “I’m not doing anything…I’m not progressing…I’ll never change”. Accept that you have changed, maybe subconsciously you’ve been holding your position. And then change direction and see what happens.



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