I want to be a tool


That’s right t-o-o-l. Not cool or fool. Just a tool. Or an instrument if the four letter word makes you giggle or offends.

I used to be an electrician and the one thing you learn quite early on is, good tools can make your job easier but the right tools for the job often make the whole simpler, easier and better all round. And so you quickly learn to invest in your tools, look after them, put them back and soon you find there is a pleasure in doing a job.

You only need to experience the frustration of using pliers to tighten a nut because you’ve forgotten to bring the right sized spanner or use lump hammer on a nail when you need a claw hammer (often a memorable but painful lesson). Or put it another way. Ever tried to wipe up a spill with toilet roll rather than kitchen towel or eat jelly with a fork?

My wish is simple. I wish to be the best tool for the job that creation, the universe (or Tooniverse as I know it)  has in store for me. I don’t want to be a swiss army knife. Don’t get me wrong in an emergency an all-purpose tool or even the wrong can be better than nothing but if you want the best job, the best expression of the creator then you want the right tools.

I’m not saying I will or can be a one trick pony but sometimes a tool has only one use. sometimes it has a few. So it appears one of my skills is writing but I also feel an urge to work with more than words. I’m still exploring and learning what my purpose is. After half a century you’d think I’d have figured it out.

However, that is slightly the wrong approach (for me anyway) in the same way that it is hard to choose a good pair of wire cutters, or a pen or shoes or a saddle just by looking at it or reading reviews. There comes a point when you have to feel it. Hold it in your hand or use it to know if it works.

And so, as you can see, I’m writing and doing a bit of graphic design because it comes to me to do it. The same as the inspriation for this peice came to me out of the blue. Including the ‘spanner head’ image. So I’ll leave you with a question;

“What sort of tool are you?”

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