On Mortality


Recently I lost a friend. It was unexpected and if it has brought one thing home to me it was this. WE DO NOT HAVE FOREVER.

Yes, I know that it can be uncomfortable to face your own mortality but it can also be empowering. My friend made an impact wherever he went, without a doubt. Although I will miss him and I am confident we will meet again some other where or life, I am grateful for the reminder too.

So what are you waiting for? Seriously! Is there something you keep putting off, you really want to do it but ‘things’ keep getting in the way? For me, that question has lit the blue touch paper. The rocket may fizz or fail, or it may rise into a spectacular fireball turning night to day for a few moments. Who knows? I don’t.

The best part is I don’t care. Really. I write. I share it. My job is done. I no longer agonise over is it right, is it clever or witty. Am I saying anything meaningful? The sneaky thing is the words are worthless if they come from a space of thinking and not the heart. You’ve all read or heard insincere apologies, the outright lies and half-truths that, like the emperor’s new clothes, we chose to ignore for the sake of comfort.

Then you have also seen or heard the heartfelt, sincere and earnest voices too. The ones that touch you deeply be it a childs innocent “Who is that man? The Emperor? Why isn’t he wearing any clothes?” or a heartfelt “I miss you”, ” I love you”. You feel them and recognise where they are coming from.

And the simple truth is, none of us knows how long we’ve got. The sooner we stop delaying our peace, our real desire or passion and act, the more chances we have to do something great or good for others. It may not be easy, it may not be comfortable, and it might not even be quick but it can never happen unless you begin.

Now imagine that dream you hold so dearly were to unfold more easily, simply and quickly than you think possible. Be it a book, a new life or healing others. You won’t ever know, the world will never know, how great you could have been and how much you could do for others until you start. Death is coming. Sooner or later the curtains close and the house lights come on and the performance ends.

Will you be the headline act in your own life or a footnote?

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