Starting out

DSCF3756Well, that was easy! Literally, ten minutes online and I have a blog up and running. I thought there would be some sort of delay or maybe even a test of some sort. (Funny how we create obstacles in our head that never even arise). This brings back memories of my first time driving alone in a beat up old Vauxhall Astra I had bought off my boss.

Sitting there at 7:30 am, I wanted the roads in town to be quiet as possible for this, trying to figure out how to get the courtesy light on. Then trying to figure out how the heater worked to de-mist the screen. I was only moving it 500 yards, because of parking restrictions, but I still remember the fear and excitement as being intense.

I still blush now to think how bad that first trip was. Crunch, chug, lurch, and stall. (Sounds like a partnership of dwarf solicitors). Yet, as with all things, you have to start somewhere. I did leave out one detail. I was 30 at the time! Somehow, magically, I had gotten away for 3 decades without a car. But no longer. Not if I wanted to keep my job that was.

This came back to me the other day when my driving license renewal form came through and I realised I have now been driving over 20 years. I wouldn’t say I love driving in the sense I’d just go for a drive but I love the freedom and independence it affords me.

Yet more than that have been the times I’ve been able to help others. Take my parents out, pick up or drop off friends at the airport or ferry & road trips to meetings and retreats in the UK and best of all is being able to show visiting friends some of the sights and sites around the beautiful Isle of Man.

And while it’s not as intense as that, firing up this blog today feels the same. There is a little nervousness when we start our journey, maybe a sense we would avoid it if we could, but in time you will look back and smile. And I find life is like that. If you are willing to try new things, explore, play and give it a go.

Because, even after five decades on this rock with few billion other souls, I am still learning.

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